Implant After-Care

Implant After-Care

Once treatment is complete it will be necessary to monitor the implants using x-rays and checking them in the mouth. After an initial period of one year, you will be required to attend surgery at intervals that we will specify, either every six months or once a year. You will need to maintain a high standard of hygiene around the implants. You may need to see the hygienist every three to six months.

Monitoring Periods: 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months & 1 year.

Implants like teeth, are completely dependent on the host, and therefore the general health of the patient. Early in the treatment, implants or bone grafts can get infections around them. It is for this reason that every effort is made to prevent such an infection by using a very high degree of asepsis.

In as much as teeth can get gum disease around them so can implants. It is therefore important to monitor them to ensure that any sign of disease can be caught early and stopped. A high degree of hygiene is therefore important to maintain.

Implants as well as the crowns that are supported by the implants are subjected to everyday forces. If the forces are excessive damage can occur to either the crowns or any of the components of the implant.

Other problems that may occur relate to gum recession around implants. This may result in the implant becoming visible. In itself this is not a problem in terms of health. However the appearance may be compromised in which case additional treatment such as gum surgery may need to be carried out. Alternatively a gum slip may need to be constructed.

Implants in general practice have become a highly predictable science they are the treatment of choice for patients with one missing tooth or more.