The Implant Journey

The Implant Journey

We welcome you into a professional environment and listen to your concerns. After careful consideration we respond by presenting all possible treatment options together with a written recommendation and estimate of the investment required. There is always time for questions and a period of reflection.

1. New Patient Consultation

We welcome you into a professional environment and listen to your concern. There is time for questions and a period of reflection.

Assessment at this stage will involve:

  • Your teeth
  • Your gums
  • Your muscles of facial expression and mastication
  • Your jaw joints
  • Your soft tissues biotype
  • Your bone biotype
  • The way you smile
  • Your mouth in function
  • Your face, its form and profile.

Your health is carefully assessed in conjunction with your specialist if need be to ensure your well-being through the treatment and the avoidance of any compromises with your health.

We will look carefully and assess how you would respond to treatment.

After careful assessment, we respond by presenting all possible treatment options together with a written recommendation and estimate. Once you are comfortable with the proposals a decision would be made to proceed with the treatment.

2. Pre-Surgical Planning

We place great emphasis on pre-surgical planning by utilizing a range of x-ray imaging, diagnostic previews, jaw and bite analysis and surgical guides. The final construction of teeth in porcelain is achieved by following a diagnostic preview that is waxed up prior to the start of the surgical phase so that the YOUR final destination can be achieved in a predicable way.

Once you have decided to proceed, all preparation is carried out together with consent. Our aim is to always achieve your desired functional and aesthetic outcomes.

3. Surgery

Implants require a small operation to be inserted. The gum is lifted and a small hole made in the bone using special drills made from titanium. The titanium implant is placed and the gum is put back very much like the lid on a box.

We perform the surgery precisely and gently. Our aim is to improve your post-surgical experience, guaranteeing superb aesthetic results.

4. Recovery

After surgery you are supervised by our caring staff, who will ensure that you have full instructions. We will contact you 24 hours after the surgery for help and advice.

5. Healing Phase

Over the appropriate healing period, the implant lies under the gum and heals in a closed environment. The patient carries on functioning normally throughout this period, unaware of the implant that has been inserted. Under certain circumstances, where the implant is rigid and unlikely to have any micromovement, the implant can be brought into function on the same day.

Denture wearers can continue to wear their dentures throughout this time. In cases where a few teeth have been removed and other teeth are present, it is possible to construct a fixed temporary bridge to enable the patient to function. In either case there is no interruption to the patient’s lifestyle.

6. Reconstructive Phase

The second stage of the treatment, after six months involves lifting the gum and attaching a post to the implant. It is at this stage that the implant emerges from the gum. A temporary crown is made to fit onto the post so there is no need to be without teeth.

Preparation for the final restoration can be started one month later when the gum has matured.

All of your functional requirements are attended to and every care is taken to ensure that we met your needs and wishes. This will help us achieve the best aesthetic result.

7. Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. At the end of treatment we ensure that we have achieved our initial outcomes and you are completely satisfied with the end result.