About Orthodontic Treatment

About Orthodontic Treatment

Teeth can be moved at any age, so there is no such thing in this day and age as "too old" for braces! One in five out of my current orthodontic patients in treatment is an adult and this is supported by current research which states that the frequency of orthodontic problems in adults is comparable to that we see in children and adolescents. These problems are not necessarily of a cosmetic nature but may include drifting of teeth, crowding or bite problems causing uncomfortable chewing. The benefits of having a comfortable occlusion and a great-looking smile are an excellent way to boost self-confidence. We can all agree how confidence can in turn enhance social life and career opportunities! Not to mention the added health benefit that straighter teeth are always cleaner teeth!

Therefore age is not a determinant of whether you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment or not. However, the following most definitely are:

  • Oral hygiene
  • Current state of periodontal health
  • General health and any medical conditions
  • Current medications or habits

Nowadays “brace” technology has advanced significantly and where in the past we could only offer metal fixed braces, we now have different aesthetic brace options for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. These include ceramic or clear braces, braces that are placed on the lingual/palatal side (tongue side) as well as invisible aligner braces.

So remember there is no age limit for braces and you are only as old as you feel!!

Our specialist will discuss all treatment options to align ALL cases of crooked and badly aligned teeth and formulate a treatment plan which suit each patient‘s needs and expectations.